Wednesday, June 22, 2005

My First Letter

Dear Friends,
This is my first weblog. I'm an Armenian girl, living in Iran. But I was born in Lebanon.This may seem odd to you. Because of this I always feel a sense of nostalgia in my life. I am dying for Meditranian sea and the panorama of the hills of Bairut, I am falling in love with poems of Iranian great poet "Hafez", and I am dying for my ancestors homeland Armenia and the mount "Ararat",which is the symbol of Armenian Pride and victory.
In this weblog I'm going to talk about everything I care,everything which I think is important for our world of today.In my opinion building a new and bright world is what we should do together,hand in hand, and our goal should be spreading love and peace all around the world.
I am looking forward to hear from all of you.